«Mr. Zippy» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Formed in the coastal town of Clevedon, North Somerset in 1993, Mr Zippy have been playing their own take on skate punk for the last 14 years. Drawing on their influences ranging from Satanic Surfers, Face to Face, Bad Religion, Ramones, SNFU, Faith No More, Iron Maiden and Samiam, Mr Zippy are not afraid to take the Skate Punk genre to another level. The music is melodic, up beat and positive and at the same time can be extremely hard hitting and as goodmusicrocks.com summed it up ‘it (Ambition Is Critical) still has that element of hardcore that makes you wanna run around screaming at the top of your lungs scaring the shit out of your neighbours (Mine wont talk to me no more)’. Oh yeah, they also have an insane live show as well!


Light The Blue Touch Paper (TBC, Coming Spring 2008)

Ruins (EP) (TBC, Coming Spring 2008)

Ambition Is Critical (Golf, 2003)

What You Are Like Says A Lot About The Kind Of Person You Are (Golf, 2002)

Another Weekend 7”(White Label, 2001)

What You Are Like…Mini Album (Pigman, 1998)

Cheggers Plays Punk (1997)

Two Way Family Favourites (1997)