«Murderous Vision» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Murderous Vision was founded as a 4-piece group, but later became the solo project of Stephen Petrus (In Death’s Throes, Of Swine and Swill). Murderous Vision’s style ranges from dark ambient to death industrial to martial industrial and neoclassical music.

Murderous Vision has released close to a dozen albums and has been featured on several compilations and has had releases done on several industrial and ambient labels, most notably Petrus’ label Live Bait Recording Foundation.

Petrus is responsible for vocals, synths, electronics and percussion. He has worked with many collaborators such as Gruntsplatter, Nyodene D, Order Of Melchizedek, Brethren, Fascist Insect and various others.

In 2010, MV has had a new tape entitled Salvation On Sand Mountain released by Danvers State Recordings as well as a split with Nyodene D entitled Kirkebrennen on Phage Tapes.

Murderous Vision’s forthcoming album, Cathartic Drifts in a Sea Of Sadness, will be released soon.