«NevidomeZadovolennya» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

There are tens of thousands of groups throughout the world, and NevidomeZadovolennya is a singleton, that’s why unique. It’s not even a group as millions of listeners might think, but instead an alliance of like-minded friends-musicians:

Harry Gavrosh - vocals, guitar, piano, music, lyrics, arrangements

Albert Eberkhart - guitars

Jim Goranchich - dj, programming, keyboards

Yonchi Kaspars - bass, backing vocal

Ivan Volkov – drums

NevidomeZadovolennya propagates a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude to the world. These ideas run through many of their songs. All the group’s members not only like extreme sports but also go in for surfing and adore downhill skiing.

NevidomeZadovolennya doesn’t make a show of their personal life! The group’s policy is not to “come into the spotlight” but to play their music. The name of the group, that can be translated as UnknownPleasure also proves it. At any concert the audience is asked to turn off their cameras, that’s why photos of NZ are so rare.

Joanne Rowling on the music video for the song “Vesna”:

NevidomeZadovolennya comes from talent, notes and words…

NevidomeZadovolennya takes what it needs…It takes what it wants…Without any regrets, without any compassion…

Unspeakable beauty, that changes everything in a moment… And if their music touches you once, you will never remain the same…



NevidomeZadovolennya (English - “Unknown Pleasure”) is a rock band that was formed in Lviv, Ukraine in 1997, when all of the band members were only 16.

NevidomeZadovolenny has released 3 albums:

2005 - Я.Тоже.Ничего.О.Вас.Не.Слышал (English - I Haven’t Heard Of You Either)

2006 - Мы “С” Киева!!! (English - We Are From Kiev!!!)

2009 - NevidomeZadovolennya (English - NevidomeZadovolennya)

Most of NevidomeZadovolennya’s songs are sung in Russian, although recently guys have begun recording some Ukrainian and English songs.

Songs can be downloaded from their official website www.igorg.com