«Omar Cabaleiro» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Omar Cabaleiro was introduced to underground House and Techno in late 1990, becoming an instant fan. Shortly after, in early 1991, he began to obsessively collect vinyl within said genres.

It was in summer of 1993 that Omar began to practice DJ-ing fulltime and making mixtapes- for fun, and for selling. After a brief period of erratic mobile disc-jockey work, he played his first nightclub gig in August of 1996. Over the following half-dozen years or so, Omar Cabaleiro continued to play bars/clubs/events throughout New Jersey, Manhattan, and Pennsylvania.

Also some time in 1996, he began to “mess around” with making (mostly breakbeat) mash-ups/loops. It wasn’t until January of 2000 that Omar really started to produce full-on tracks of his own- primarily within one or more of the following genres: electronica, experimental, house, minimalist, techno, trance. It was summer of this same year that he bought his last batch of vinyl records and stopped collecting. Almost 2 years later, in spring of 2002*, Omar Cabaleiro played his last DJ gig- electing to focus totally on the music itself, and no longer on the related “scene(s).” (*he “popped up” again at a small gig in New Jersey sometime in 2006)

To date, Omar Cabaleiro’s only official music release was of the track “Delta,” on Dobox Recordings’ techno compilation: Resurgence (2007.Dec.4). He continues to create electronic music on a highly infrequent basis, making his favorite pieces available for free streaming and download throughout several different music social networking sites.

Though he has not truly indulged in the nightlife scene in rougly a decade, his related experiences from throughout the second half of the 1990’s remain a huge influence on his sound as a musician. Omar would describe the sound he creates when he is at his self-proclaimed best and “most focused,” as being reminiscent of the vibe/feelings he recalls from his clubbing days: “dark thunderous afterhours” and “sexy drug beats.”