«Oni Rising» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

In 2005, Brothers and founders Leo Vela (bass guitar) and Eduardo (lead guitar) sought to achieve one goal when they contacted Hector Cantu (drummer); to create a band that would stand out above all others in the Texas rock/metal scene. They worked on establishing a new sound by mixing their pummeling, sharp, and metal driven influences.

But somehow things would just not satisfy, they felt something was missing, and so the band was put into the background until in 2009 when Leo stumbled upon Javi Garcia (rhythm guitarist), who was looking for a band at the time that would take him in. On November of the same year he tried out with the band and chemistry exploded right then and there. With his entrance, the band refocused and solidified into what is now the trademarked ONI RISING sound: Heavy, melodic, unpredictable and groovy.

With the foundation of the music now well formed, the search for a frontman who would embrace the concept that the band is was underway. In the fall of 2010, long time friends of the band: Rogelio Salazar (vocals & synths) and Jorge Vidal (screams & backing vocals) complemented not only the songs with their intensity, honest emotions and lyrics, but each other as well. Seeing that the contrast between melodic clean singing and brutal screams seemed to click, the band voted that both singers would make a great addition to the team. However, as of May 24, 2011 Jorge Vidal decided it was time to part ways with the band. He left the band in good terms and will always remain good friends of the band. ONI RISING is still an evolving band as adjustments to the band are normal. Just as a living organism adapts to its environment, so will ONI RISING adapt and fulfill its mission to have precise, versatile fast drumming, head crushing groovy bass lines, searing dynamic alternative/metal guitar riffs, and sincere, powerful vocals; in order to best exemplify the mind-blowing music of ONI RISING.

The band currently self produced a DEMO CD “ONI DEMO” engineered by Hector Cantu. It contains four of their tracks: ” 7 Furies”, “Warrior’s Mind”, “Save Me”, and “Broken Destiny,” songs that talk about spirituality, bravery, self-discovery and deceit. The main goals of the band are to start touring and to get airplay to expand their fan base and exposure.