«Pickaxe To The Forehead» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

«Pickaxe To The Forehead» is a grindcore/pornogrind (sometimes stated as bone remover cemetery pop) duo from Saldus, Latvia, consisting of two ex-coursemates of Saldus Vocational school (in Latvian — Saldus Profesionālā vidusskola) Edgars (vocals, lyrics) and Rihards (guitar, drum track programming).

The story of «Pickaxe To The Forehead» started at the begining of hot summer month July in 2010. That time both of the band’s members considered to set up the project for the grindcore/goregrind band called «Web Developers on Xanax». It was planned to include in the songs such nerdy issues like web development problems, annoying customers, shitty computer hardware etc. Eventually the lack of decent equipment, lack of sound mastering skills and dissatisfying budget led to the suspension of the project.

In the summer of 2011 guitarist Rihards started pornogrind solo project with a name «Anna’n’Ass», but that didn’t last too long due to poor quality of the sound and therefore lack of interest.

The idea for the band returned at the end of March in 2013 when the guitarist Rihards was finally able to record much better quality material for the testing purposes. At the same time it was decided to place the nerdy issues aside and come up with completely different ideas.

In January 2014 there were finally released two tracks ― a demo track «The Yolocorpse Disposal Party» and the single «Buried Under Toilet Seat» under the name «Pickaxe To The Forehead».

This is not supposed to be taken seriously. If you do, we recommend you to find some kind of mental treatment.

Technical data ―

Guitar: Drop A tuning, played through Guitar Rig 5;

Drums: Programmed on Toontrack ezDrummer (Drumkit From Hell expansion);

Bass: BooBass VSTi plugin;

Sound mastered on: FL Studio;

Vocals recorded with: Chord CCU1 USB mic through FL Studio.

Hail to the king, baby.