«Shinjuku Thief» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Shinjuku Thief is an experimental recording project of Australian musician Darrin Verhagen, that could be described as dark ambient or gothic industrial. Shinjuku Thief began in 1992 as a trio, consisting of Verhagen, Charles Tétaz and François Tétaz. Eventually, Verhagen became the mainstay. Shinjuku Thief's first LP, Bloody Tourist, was released on the Extreme label. Subsequent LPs were released on Verhagen's own Dorobo label. Verhagen's side-project, Shinjuku Filth, released music in the industrial music genre.


  • Bloody Tourist (1992, Extreme)
  • The Scribbler (1992, Dorobo)
  • The Witch Hammer (1993, Dorobo)
  • The Witch Hunter (1995, Dorobo)
  • The Witch Haven (2002, Dorobo)
  • Medea (2003, Dorobo)
  • Matte Black (2004, Dorobo)
  • Sacred Fury (2005, Fin De Siecle Media)
  • Devolution (2006, Dorobo)