«SouLo Lyons» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Greg “SouLo” Lyons began studying music at an early age through the church he attended. Starting at age 6, he sang in the choir, wrote his first lyrics, and began experimenting with rhythm and beat formation. Shortly after acquiring these musical skills, SouLo began playing the piano which helped train his ears at an age when most are learning subtraction and addition. With no formal training, Soulo studied music all the way through High School focusing on his voice through the choir.

Soulo had various sources of musical inspiration, starting with a Gospel influence from his church, then hearing Pop and R&B from his sister LaTonya. Halfway through middle school he was introduced to the guitar, the instrument he would later use to combine his influences into a unique sound. Soulo would go on to learn many more instruments including bass, mandolin, and ukulele. Shortly after he discovered the guitar, he went on a deep foray into roots music, studying the techniques of blues greats, then eventually rock pioneers Hendrix, Clapton and Reggae legends like Marley, The Wailers, Tosh, and Toots. All of which can be heard today in SouLo’s distinctive style.

Throughout his late High School years, SouLo wrote future favorites such as “The Shower Song” and “The Point of Life” with intensity and compassion. After High School, SouLo continued to build his musical repertoire playing in with different bands, while continuing to improve his song writing. In early 2003 he set out on his own, appropriately under the name “SouLo”. Later the same year he settled in with his regular stage musicians: Deron “LB” Baker and William ‘Spyda’ Montgomery.

As time progressed and their following grew as a trio, Chris Kearns started sitting in on tenor sax adding a horn dimension to the band’s ever evolving sound. Often times there are even more friends performing along side the band. In 2004, it was time for change and progression as SouLo went off to the Midwest where he would continue to play and grow musically, while putting more thought and organization into what he was doing. While continuely writing songs including the intensely popular “Musik”, his lyrics would be as deep, evolved, and thoughtfully mature as ever. With dozens of original songs under his belt, a blazing hand for the guitar, and a voice with a seemingly endless range and strength, it’s now time for SouLo to talk to everybody through his music.