«Sp1ral» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

To have your music played in Parisian nightclubs might sound as an uncommon goal for a Dutch electro outfit. But - heavily inspired by the famous French house scene - it’s the ambition of Sp1ral.

The group was founded in 2005 by Sander Oskamp and Robin van Saaze. It started off as a creative outlet next to Taxi to the Ocean, an alt-rock band that for many years got lots of praise for their rich song structures and energetic live performance. Danceable sounds were off-limits at Taxi to the Ocean, therefore guitarists Oskamp and Van Saaze began Sp1ral as a playground for electronic material.

In the early days Sp1ral was primarily an experimental endeavour, exploring new instruments and exciting soundscapes. There was no preconceived plan for the project. The two men were mainly driven by curiosity and fascination for sound.

In 2009 Van Saaze teamed up with Belgian/Dutch rockband Drive Like Maria. Oskamp went ahead working on Sp1ral. Inspired by French acts like Alan Braxe, Daft Punk and Justice, he started composing tracks for the first album. In 2012 Sp1ral has shaped up its music to hit the sultry Parisian nights and other wonderful places in the world.