«tempestuous» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Tempestuous is a Death/Thrash/Groove Metal band out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They include original lead singer of Avalanche Jon Magnuson. They so far they have only released one 3 track EP also entitled Tempestous.

Simply put Tempestuous is the result of three bands that didn’t make the cut; Musical differences, the favorite excuse for any failure in communication between Musicians. This lack of communication to us was considered a god send. Three people from different backgrounds in music to which under normal circumstances may never have met, but thanks to a mutual & musically versatile friend an attempt was made to form a band with no real decisive musical goal. Just a bunch of musicians that wanted to jam & really didn’t care what style it was as long as it was heavy. That attempt may have failed but a foundation was set & “Tempestuous” was born. A taste of “Death Metal”, a taste of “Goth”, & a taste of “old school Thrash”; Styles & attitudes that usually wouldn’t mix have spawned an intense musical concept;“Who Cares!? Who cares about boundaries & what’s right or wrong in this style of music? We will attack with aggression & subtlety, anger & passion. Open minds & closed fists. This is what we’ve come to learn, this is what we yearn to show; “To hell with stereotypes.” We create: Metal… Plain & Simple!

Before Jon’s age hit double digits music was a major influence in his life. Several years and several instruments later, guitar was the one that really stuck. The aggression factor was always important and when Slayer’s first album made its way through the underground. He had found his connection to the world of metal. A never look back attitude ensued and he began jamming with friends and forming bands of his own but with the magnitude of guitar players out there. He decided to step up to the front man position & attack vocals. Alliance, Threshold, Metamorphosis, Hatred, and Avalanche were all vehicles leading him back to playing guitar. With the new group Bass was needed as well as vocals & Jon steps to the plate again; now playing bass as well as singing. Tempestuous (like the phoenix) rises from the ashes of three relatively well known MN metal bands. Jon (Avalanche) Rob (Unurth) and Ken (21st Century Sin) have created something special & this promises to be a very intense & well directed onslaught on the MN music scene.

Rob being the youngest of the three came into the metal scene when bands like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Carcass, Death, and other countless death and thrash metal bands were starting out. Being that Rob started playing guitar to Metallica’s Ride the Lightning at 12 years old. He was amazed at what he heard and decided the tone and aggression those bands had created was for him. From Dominator, KillCraft, and forming Unurth Rob seems to have found his home in Tempestuous.

Ken started playing drums in a townhouse in suburban St. Paul. Years later it became a passion that he could not ignore. Through the good and the bad times with former bands such as Praetorian, Fuel, 21st Century Sin, and Unurth. He is looking to make Tempestuous one of the best.

Pete began his metal years listening to Def Leppard and at that time, 80’s Rock; Until he heard REAL metal. Grandparents and countless others that told him NOT to listen to this type of music, because it was: “The Devil, Satanic,” and evil. That just made it more intriguing, so he picked up the guitar, and at age 14 decided to go on a quest for “heavier” early 90’s music. Rob and Pete, friends from way back, hung out and decided to replace the 2nd guitar player in Rob’s “Death Metal” band “MANGLED INFANT”. They kept the name until fall of ‘96’ when Pete suggested that the name Unearth was more open yet still could be as menacing as say: Mangled Infant. But rather than use Unearth, as it is spelled. Pete had this idea (which he thought was cool) from a video game, which in the game, the “Earth” was destroyed thus a new “Urth” was born, so not to think that it was a rip off from Megadeth (deth) or any other band with spelling oddities but just to be different, thus the band UnUrth was born. In the fall of ‘99’ The Prez & Dr. Metal met up with Ken and Rick from the Band “21st Century Sin” This Quartet wrote 7 songs together. In the process of recording their 7 song CD, priority and personal reasons split the band apart. Struggling to reform, UnUrth was overtaken by a “violent storm”. Rob and Ken & now with Jon on vocals/Bass this “violent storm” that is Tempestuous rises from the ashes. Dr. Metal now joins the fold for the first of many storms to come…