«The Georgian Skull» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Inspired by 1970’s Heavy Metal such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy, GEORGIAN SKULL have fused the past with even heavier metal, bands like Clutch, Pantera and Entombed. Georgian Skull continues to redefine their sound and presence as one of the most important bands to have come out of Canada. The death of the Stoner band, Mister Bones brought out the most significant chapter of the band’s life: its afterlife. Which is simply known as the GEORGIAN SKULL. A revolution is on its way, a great tale is about to be told, and the power of the Doom and Groove that possess this band will set out to unleash a masterful work in their new album, being release on Scarlet Records, “Mother Armageddon, Healing Apocalypse”. Georgian Skull is absolutely one of the most crushing live bands to watch perform, and are a MUST for any fan of Black Sabbath. Georgian Skull is a 4 piece out of Windsor, London, and Hamilton Ontario, and is led by Vocalist/Lead Guitarist, the clearly tormented monster AL “The Yeti” Bones.(also frontman for U.S.A ‘s sludge king’s THE MIGHTY NIMBUS and former Canadian Stoner band, MISTER BONES). In The Yeti’s own words, he says “The new record will blow the fuckin’ doors wide open on who we are and what we’re doing musically at this moment in time. It is more than just a vibe. It’s our lives. We put our heart and souls in this record and it aint nothing to be fucked with… This is the real deal.” THE BAND NAME originates from, a recent discovery of “the skull that’s changing a thousand minds.” It could be the face of the first human to leave Africa. And it’s not what anyone expected. The 1.75-million-year-old pioneer, found last year beneath the ruins of a medieval town called Dmanisi in the republic of Georgia, had a tiny brain—not nearly the size scientists thought our ancestors needed to migrate into a new land. And its huge canine teeth and thin brow look too apelike for an advanced hominid, the group that includes modern humans and their ancestors. Along with other fossils and tools found at the site, this skull reopens so many questions about our ancestry that one scientist muttered: “They ought to put it back in the ground.” The whole basis behind this discovery is in search of the truth. In search of evolution, and the beginning of time. GEORGIAN SKULL is a band that carries this message and more…Apocalyptic lyrics meshed with life’s struggle for sanity, crossed with the biggest, baddest riffs command the attention of every audience they play for. Bands they have shared the stage with in one year have been: Anvil, Cryptopsy, Today is the Day, Sheavy, Goatwhore, Trouble, Sons of Otis, and many many more. Georgian Skull is: (Alexander “The Yeti” Bones-Vocalist/Lead Guitar) (Steve “Beard” Dugal-Rhythm Guitar) (Sash Wilczynski-Bass) (Adam Saitti-Drums) —Scarlet Records —Strictly Heavy Management