«The Three Doctors Band» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

THE THREE DOCTORS BAND was an elaborate inside joke made flesh. Originally formed as a spin-off of the Zip Code Rapists in an attempt to further a hoax, the band ended up releasing two albums and performing a handful of shows.

The Zip Code Rapists was a San Francisco duo featuring Gregg Turkington (vocals) and Therapist John Singer (guitar). Out of sheer boredom, they decided to stage a fake Zip Code Rapists break-up and feud. During this feud, Turkington and Singer each assembled bogus, cynical, Zip Code Rapists sound-alike bands to try and win over the Zip Code Rapists fan base. Singer formed the Zip Code Revue, a 9-piece band (featuring Counting Crows keyboardist Charlie Gillingham, TFUL 282 guitarist Mark Davies, and American Music Club pedal steel player Bruce Kaphan) which turned the Zip Code Rapists simple tunes into slick, elaborate, country-rock productions. Turkington put together The Three Doctors Band (named after a Zip Code Rapists song, The Three Doctors), which featured three guitarists (and no other instruments) and which went for a more low-fi, almost hellishly raw sound. (The Three Doctors Band featured Turkington on vocals, along with Trey Spruance, Brandan Kearney, and Margaret Murray tripling-up on guitar.)

Both bands debuted at an Amarillo showcase gig at the Thirsty Swede on Haight Street in San Francisco, at which they larded their sets with crowd-pleasing Zip Code Rapists covers, and passed out inflammatory flyers amongst the audience trashing each others reputation and urging boycotts of each others band.