«Tokks Voitto» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Tokks Voitto is a melodic death metal band from Berlin, Germany, influenced by many artists from Death, Thrash, Progressive Metal as well as Grind.

After some reorganizations the line-up completed since September 2010. Afterwards existing song ideas got finalized as well as new songs written. At the end of the year recording for the soon to be released EP “Formation” started.

Contrary to a classical derivation of high vocals and growls, both vocals have been consciously placed into deep and dark growls, peppered with some screams. Jan and Georg complement each other in a perfect way by using different pitches of growls. Michael and Florian contribute the melodic part on the guitars, while Maurice and Moritz supplement the songs with impulsive rhythms.

Despite straight forward created works are not classical 3:30 tracks, but rather give listeners the time to enjoy the elements. Anyhow, headbangers will not be disappointed, Tokks Voitto offers enough space to run riot.

To embrace the current times of new Medias and distribution channels, the band offers all their songs via the Creative Commons license. On request, we provide you also all mixes including project files as well as track recordings. Furthermore the band allows any fan and interested person to exchange with the members. Band rehearsals are streamed live with video and you can join our chat concurrently to get in contact with us.

Its official website is at: http://www.tokksvoitto.de

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Myspace: http://myspace.com/tokksvoitto

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