«Tony Ozier» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Back in 2006, Tony Ozier released his debut album, Mental Candy, came to London and received a great support from London’s growing soul scene by doing gigs at Plan B in Brixton and connecting with press people like Blues And Soul Magazine.

From Freeport, Texas, USA, Tony Ozier values the importance of live music and stage confidence, and reminds you in his recorded music of good old school soul and funk, with influences from hip-hop, and alternative.

Tony Ozier has his own label imprint, BeatsGalore Records, hand a 10-piece band. He has toured the midwest and California. And won a Los Angeles Music Award. He featured on Jimi James The Truth and The Formula’s Do Not Block. Also, Detroit artist L’Renee, Neco Red and S.U.N have all turned to Tony Ozier for production.

Tony Ozier has mastered the studio, and can play keyboards, bass and drums.

Look out for his second album to be released later in 2008 called Aural Penetration.