«Urizen» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

There are multiple artists tracked as ‘Urizen’ on last.fm :

1)URIZEN is an electronic-influenced avante-garde metal band based in Ft. Worth, Texas. The band was formed in early 2003 by brothers Thomas Drinnen and Daniel Drinnen (guitar/vocals and keyboards, respectively) and drummer Julio Escamilla. The lineup was further fleshed out by Matt Garrison (guitar) in 2004, and James Wicks (bass) in 2007. URIZEN has released two albums; 2005’s “autocratopolis” and 2007’s “Universe EP,” with a follow-up LP expected in 2010.

URIZEN’s musical style employs the use of heavy, distorted guitars; frantic, speedy drums; and clean, rock-style vocals. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of URIZEN’s sound is the dominant presence of synth and keyboards, specifically the use of orchestral strings and 8-bit Nintendo-style electronic sounds.

URIZEN is well known for their entertaining and highly involved stage shows, featuring the band dressed in full red-and-white armor-style space suits. Other features of their stage show include the appearance of a giant, 8-foot-tall URIZEN Robot; a 12-foot inflatable cycloptic goo monster; a custom-created silicone conjoined twin creature; and much more!


2) Urizen (Greece) is Melodic/Atmospheric musicband from Larissa/Greece .

Urizen started its action as a melodic death/gothic metal project in autumn 2009,founded by Marilena G. and Vanessa S.

After many up and downs, currently the band is once again active and working .The first live is finally over and things are promising for the future of the band.Now

Urizen are composing and prossessing new ideas and their first step in discography is considered to be taken until the end of summer 2011.Live shows are on the way.

Current Line-up:

Vanessa S. - Female Voice

Marilena G. - Bass Guitar

Thanos G. - Brutal vox

Thanos M. - Lead Guitar

Tito L. - Keys

Orestis Ad. - Drum