«Vyanah» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ


The name Vyanah will ring a bell to many.His music can be found on more than a million sold

albums.Vyanah has build quite a reputation for himself with his popular atmospheric

new age sound.

His music is selected for taste making and high profile TV advertised CD series such as

Spirits Of Nature, Highlands and Celtic Myst, just to name a few gold status albums.

During his traveling in his mobile home studio, Vyanah got inspired by different music cultures.

The results of his traveling can be found on cd’s like Rashni Punjaabi-Passsage To The Orient

(Sattva, Oliver shanti) and Children Of The world (Oreade).

In the early nineteens he started to give concerts where the audience had to lay down with

their eyes closed and listen to his esoteric music.

On his new album “Mantra” Vyanah has composed six unique songs on the base of traditional

mantra texts,intens vocals accompanied by ney, flutes, sitar,Tibetan horns and cymbals,

keyboards, singing bowls, percussion, drums and more.

The soundscapes on the cd “Music For Deep Meditation” have a very drone-based sound and

can be perfectly used for meditation and yoga.

You can download the 6 mantras or the 6 soundscapes for meditation on the website

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