23. How to Maximize Your Profitability using Accessory Products!

23. How to Maximize Your Profitability using Accessory Products!

Do you know how much money you are leaving on the table if you are not selling accessory products for your brand?


Let me give you a quick example: 

When your favorite musician/band goes on tour, and you go to one of their shows. You might look around a huge stadium and think to yourself… “Damn! They are making so much money off these tickets!” The thing is, they are barely breaking even with the ticket sales. All the lights, screens, fireworks, custom stage, crews, trailers, travel, and so forth. They are spending so much money to put on the show the ticket prices barely cover it. 


Where they really make their money is from selling their MERCH! (T-Shirts)

In this podcast, Ryan breaks down how critical it is to sell extra accessories from your personal brand. You might have a product that is super expensive that most people might not be able to afford, but you can still reach that audience by selling smaller, cheaper, easier products like shirts, wrist bands, koozies, keychains and any other product that fits with your market!


Ryan and Kota also discuss:

-  How Ryan made more money of selling keychains than his actual MAIN product of kettlebells.

-  The importance of really advertising and connecting with your target audience.

-  Why T-Shirts are the BEST ACCESSORY.




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