5. How Do YOU Define "Success"?

5. How Do YOU Define "Success"?

If you are an entrepreneur or thinking about starting your own business, one of the FIRST questions you should ask yourself is "How do you define "success"?

You need to know the answer behind this crucial question because this is one of the biggest pillars of how you are going to actually build and operate your company. You might end up creating a “successful business” making millions of dollars, but if you hate your life because you are working non stop, is that REALLY "success"?

When you imagine “success”, do you think about the Roll Royce and Lamborghini you will have parked out front of your 25,000 square foot mansion on the coast of Malibu? Or is it simply living in a comfortable suburban home on a cul-de-sac with a white picket fence? Both are equally valid definitions! Everyone has their own meaning of “success”, and it is absolutely CRUCIAL to clearly define it for YOURSELF before building a company.

In this podcast, Ryan and Kota give their take on what THEIR vision of success looks like and how they keep working on achieving that goal.

They also go over:

- The importance of having 1 HUGE GOAL (that seems literally impossible to achieve).

- Ryan’s first Lamborghini purchase! - Having small goals to hit on your journey to success to avoid “burnout”.

- The difference between being able to “buy” and “afford” luxury purchases.

- Where you should be investing your money you are making.


“Mapping It Out: The Roadmap of Entrepreneurship” podcast was created to highlight the entrepreneurship journey of what it means to run a legit company. Follow along as we talk about topics from “how to start a company” all the way to “the mistakes we have made”

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