6 Ways To Boost Your Creativity - RD012

6 Ways To Boost Your Creativity - RD012

6 Ways To Boost Your Creativity.

Are you looking for ways to boost your creativity? If you're anything like me you sometimes suffer from a lack of creativity. Sometimes it's just a slump and sometimes it's a full on block. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to boost your creativity during these times? Unfortunately there is no magical on/off switch or throttle we can use to increase our creative output. There are however, ways you can help boost your creativity. In today's podcast I share six ways that I use to help me when I'm in a slump.

Here is my list of ways to boost your creativity

  1. Put it down on paper or screen
  2. Step back and have a look
  3. Occupy your mind with something menial
  4. Change your perspective, literally
  5. Change your diet
  6. Ask for help

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Design Resource

This week's resource may not sound at first like something you would use in your graphic design business. But it has helped me streamline my graphic design business so much that I have to share it. It's ScreenFlow by Telestream. Using ScreenFlow I've saves so much time. Instead of teaching clients how to use their new websites and then helping them again a month or so later when they've forgotten, now I just record a short instructions video showing them what to do. If they need a refresher or need to train someone new, they have access to the video and they don't have to interrupt me for help. For that reason along I highly recommend ScreenFlow.

And if you decide to purchase it before November 30, 2015 you can save 30% during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

I want to help you.

Running a graphic design or web design business all by yourself isn't easy. If there are any struggles you face running your design business please reach out to me. I'll do my best to help you by addressing your issues in a future blog post or podcast episode here at Resourceful Designer. You can reach me at [email protected]

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