LVI. F*ck It - We'll Do It Live!
Cooking With Grief · 54 minutes ·

LVI. F*ck It - We'll Do It Live!

Cooking With Grief is the comedy podcast that covers everything from history to science, pop culture to geography, and everything in between. Each week the two hosts each bring two topics they want to share with the other, in an internet show and tell.

In this episode (recorded live to raise money for Comic Relief) we explore whether Bram Stoker's inspiration for Dracula was not Vlad the Impaler but in fact a bloodthirsty Irish warlord called Abhartach.

We also learn about LW Wright  (a mysterious DB Cooper figure who conned his way into a NASCAR race with no experience), the barber-surgeons who could cut your hair and amputate a limb, and the Rosenhan Experiment (where a Stanford professor of psychology tested how good psychiatric institutions were at sorting actual patients from fakers, and the results weren't encouraging).

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