94 - Dracula vs. Dracula vs. Dracula vs. Dracula
Smash Fiction · 69 minutes ·

94 - Dracula vs. Dracula vs. Dracula vs. Dracula

Smashtoberfest '17 comes to an explosive end in the second of our episodes that could realistically be titled "#YesAllDraculas!" The Count Dracula from Bram Stoker's most famous work has been killed, leaving a dangerous instability in the Dracuverse. The position of Dracula Prime must be filled, and several alternatives arrive. One Dracula! Two Draculas! Three Draculas! FOUR DRACULAS! Ah ah ah!

Which lord of vampires will defeat his opponents and ascend to the rightful ruler of Transylvania? Will Castlevania's Dracula develop a strategy beyond teleporting and throwing fireballs? Can Marvel's Dracula use spacecraft, death rays, and the Internet to eliminate the competition? How will the movie Van Helsing's Dracula leverage his swarm of gross, flying rat-babies? And what in the name of Lion Jesus is Dracula: Dead and Loving It's Dracula doing here?!

Once again, thanks to Kevin MacCleod for use of his songs "Come Play With Me" and "Digital Bark."

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