#172 Change your Behaviour for good with Dr Heather McKee
The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast · 97 minutes ·

#172 Change your Behaviour for good with Dr Heather McKee

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Today I’m welcoming back onto the podcast Dr Heather Mckee, the UK’s leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist and keynote speaker. She has spent over 10 years in academia studying what it takes to create habits that last and her work has been published in world leading research journals.

Today we’ll be talking about the ingredients for behaviour change, why skillpower is more important than willpower and how our environment, including our digital environment, is critical. You’ll learn about techniques that you can apply to enhance or reduce any behaviour including the concepts behind friction and fuel, slippy and sticky motivators and why information alone is not enough to create changes and determination theory.

Heather has spent a lot of time working with companies in the technology space, and the later part of our conversation focuses on how I have and will continue to utilise some of the behavioural change science when creating new features for the doctor’s kitchen app to enhance the users ability to eat well everyday.

We also talk through Heathers top tips for instilling new behaviours at the end of the podcast.

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