Amazon PPC (Brian Johnson 2 of 3)
British Amazon Seller · 43 minutes ·

Amazon PPC (Brian Johnson 2 of 3)

We are continuing our conversation with Brian Johnson of Sponsored Product Academy (& PPC Scope) to discuss how to simplify your Amazon PPC.

If you haven’t listened to the first part, you really need to. Simply because if you are selling on Amazon, Brian gave us a ton of useful, mindblowing information that will change the way your thing of sponsored ads. Do yourself a favor, and go listen to part one. 
Amazon PPC the Wrong Way
One mistake many sellers make is that they don’t structure their campaigns properly. They want to think that they can set up the campaign, and let it run. If you want to do the bare minimum and ignore any other aspect, there are a couple of things you should do.


You’ll want to set up and automatic campaign with a low bid. Probably, no more that $0.30. Each variation of the product should be separated into their own ad groups within the campaign. With the low bids you’re likely to turn a profit with any product. This is the simplest way, you relinquish all control. You probably won’t get many sales or impact your organic positioning, but it’s better than nothing. For more tips on what not to do, check out Brian’s training videos.
Amazon PPC the Right Way
If you want to do it correctly, you need to structure your campaign properly. That way you can read how the audience responds to the ads for each of your products.
Advertising only affects about 10-15% of sales
Amazon PPC Goals
Most people don’t had an advertising plan. They just want to get to page one and thinks ads are the way to do it. Advertising only affects about 10-15% of sales.

So if you’re on page 10, advertising isn’t going to get you to page 1. That’s just not realistic. A realistic goal for PPC would be to learn the audience so that you can position your product. You have to go back and identify the search terms that are showing your ads, that brings a shopper into your listing and converts to a sale. If you don’t know the terminology your audience is using, how do you target it?

You need to learn the terminology your audience is using, then you can focus your listing to target that audience. If you do that, you are more likely to have a higher organic search position.

Sometimes your ad campaign will be profitable and that’s great. Run with it, expand it as much as possible. Other times, you might find that you're losing money because it’s too expensive and not converting. However, that may not be a failed campaign because you can still learn from it. If, through advertising, it is raising your organic listing, then it could be profitable that way.
Using Amazon PPC for Product Positioning
So the next question is, how do you take what you learned from your campaign and use it for better organic search position? Through your Amazon PPC campaign you learned different search terms that draws shoppers into your listing. You might find that you convert really well on 5 of those search terms. However, you might find that only 2 of them have low enough competition that you have the chance to rank really high in them. If you tailor your listing to search terms that have low competition, it gives you a better chance of positioning your product higher in the niche search terms that you know convert.

For Free video training from Brian, click on the video image below:

Keyword Stuffing
An old technique that used to work very well, was keyword stuffing. That is when you take every keyword that anyone might find your product through, and stuff them into your listing. The idea was that you could boost your ranking for all these keywords by just having them in the listing. Around mid-2016 Amazon changed the way they view relevancy and content matching when it came to keyword advertising.

Before, they used a broad match search where they took all the words in your listing and matched them with the search terms. Now they also factor in phrase match, where if you have the exact phrase the buyer searched for,

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