Amazon Seller Software (Antoni Watts 2 of 4)
British Amazon Seller · 13 minutes ·

Amazon Seller Software (Antoni Watts 2 of 4)

Once again we have Antoni Watts on the show. Today he is going into detail about his Amazon seller software, Cashcow Pro.

If you have ever been frustrated by trying to figure how to get meaningful data from Amazon Seller Central, you need this tool. With it, you can track your profit and loss, inventory, conversion rates and more.
Profit and Loss in Cashcow Pro – Amazon Seller Software
When accessing the profit section of the dashboard, you’ll see product costs minus other key metrics (such as refunds, PPC costs, taxes / VAT, cost of goods and shipping). It allows you to see specific trends for each product so you can assess bottom line profits, not just revenue numbers.

The dashboard clearly displays trends and graphs you need to view growth over 30 days and 60 days instead of getting sucked into the anxiety of checking Amazon for daily changes. It’s not enough to just see units sold. That alone does not show you all the variables you need to make a solid business decision. Cashcow Pro provides a more comprehensive breakdown so you can see where to focus your attention on biggest gains, where to scale back, or where to cut your losses.
Cashcow Pro vs Other Amazon Seller Software Options
Controlling for key metrics is very important. Additionally, sellers need to know how their product checks out compared to their competition. The dashboard shows a seller’s top competitors based on sales, reviews, and product price for a specific Keyword in your niche or marketplace.

This allows you to make other sales decisions such as:

Increase price
Increase sales

This Amazon seller software works in Mexico, Canada, USA, North America, and Europe. Expansion to Japan is in the works. Great news! If you want to upload multiple products to your dashboard or create an account for products you sell in different countries, it’s simple to do in Cashcow Pro. There are no added costs. It’s a benefit Cashcow Pro provides for FREE while some other competitors often charge for it.
Inventory Tracking
Cash Cow Pro shows the average sales for the last 3 days, 7 days, and 30 days. It predicts when you might run out of inventory in the future based on these various time periods.
The Power of Split-Testing
One feature that is often underutilized in Cashcow Pro is the split-testing feature. Most sellers choose their product pricing based on their competitors’ price point. This Amazon seller software allows you to run split tests for a period of time and shows you the data regarding which price is actually the best.

Simply enter your current price into Cashcow Pro and the duration of time you’d like to run the test. Then choose 2 more price points below and above your current one – including how long you want to test each. In this case, Cashcow Pro will automatically go into Amazon to change your pricing and run each test consecutively. You’ll be able to clearly see the percentage of sales increase and other key metrics for each price point and make a more sound decision about pricing.

You can also test the listing price, sales price, 4 different product titles, product images, and other main elements of your listing. Other test features are in the works in the future.

With Cashcow Pro, you can truly figure out how your business is doing.

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Watch Amazon Seller Software with Antoni Watts of Cashcow Pro Part 2 of 4

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