[Ep. 10]  How to Find Freedom From the Way Things Were Supposed to Be [Part 2 of 2]
Re:birth with Nicole Lawrence · 27 minutes ·

[Ep. 10] How to Find Freedom From the Way Things Were Supposed to Be [Part 2 of 2]

This two-part series looks at our cultural, group and individual relationship with control - as humans, mothers, parents, and through the lens of birth.
Whether you’re a parent or simply a human - this conversation is packed with the wisdom and perspective of a thousand therapy sessions.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • What does it mean to accept things as they are? What does that look like? How can we access this?
  • How to recognize the delineation between the fact of the event, and the meanings we made about it.
  • An exploration of how or when meanings are formed - is it before, or after a lived experience?
  • When you can’t let go, have trouble accepting, or in times of injustice - what then?
  • What’s the cost of fighting with reality?
  • How to create space for change in our selves, others, and society from a place of love
  • Do we carry emotional scars forever? Or can they change?
Want to work with Danit?
Located in Jerusalem, Israel, Danit works with birth storytellers remotely via Zoom and can be reached at danit[at]birthstorymedicine[dot]com to schedule.

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