[Ep. 11]  How to Meet your Fears for Greater Autonomy in Birth and Beyond
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[Ep. 11] How to Meet your Fears for Greater Autonomy in Birth and Beyond

We're in a time where most women are seeking autonomous births, but with providers and within medical environments with their own agendas, rules, and practices. So, what is really required to have an empowered birth experience? 
Hint: it goes beyond a birth plan.
The way you prepare for birth has the potential to change your entire life.
This episode is a juicy conversation with Kyleigh Banks, known as @theautonomymommy on Instagram. She is a mama, doula, and the host of two podcasts, Our Birth Wisdom and the latest, the Birthworker Podcast
Kyleigh describes an autonomous Mom as 
A wave-maker.
A woman who thinks for herself.
A mom who is tired of blindly following the status quo.
A woman who knows that birth has the potential to transform the world.
But here’s the thing - autonomous moms are also Humans.
When we are faced with the unexpected, our thoughts and choices are motivated by fear. But, fear hijacks our ability to connect with our hearts and our intentions, so we sometimes make choices that don't reflect our core beliefs — and then later, we feel shame, wish for do-overs and carry judgment towards ourselves.
In this episode, we discuss the stories we carry around fear, both the common and unconscious fears that almost all women meet in their preparation.

What unconscious ideals or biases are you bringing to birth?

What fears are shaping your birth plan?

How can lingering fears undermine the vision you have for your birth?

And, many practical ways to help you identify, examine, and work with those fears to feel more at peace, increase your confidence and have greater resilience in your birth - no matter how it unfolds.

Do you know that there's more to birth preparation than reading books, taking childbirth classes or creating a birth plan - but don't know what else to do, or where to begin?
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More about Kyleigh:
All things Autonomous Birth preparation at https://www.theautonomymommy.com/
Our Birth Wisdom podcast
Geek out over Birth while learning practical Business skills to help you start (and grow) your career as a birthworker:

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