[Ep. 12] Breaking the Cycle: Re-writing the Cultural Expectation for Women to Do it All
Re:birth with Nicole Lawrence · 68 minutes ·

[Ep. 12] Breaking the Cycle: Re-writing the Cultural Expectation for Women to Do it All

As mothers today, we are met with a huge physical, mental and emotional load to carry - and often without the support of a village. Yet even when we are offered the help, its common to brush up against the cultural conditioning of independence, the inner critic that says we should be doing more, the discomfort of feeling like a burden to others, or the grief of feeling like its inadequate or never enough.
This episode looks under the surface of the stories we carry around receiving - how these stories shape our inner dialogue, the ways we open to or unconsciously reject help that is available, and how we can begin to break the cycle of expectation that women should carry it all for our sons & daughters.
The wisdom of receiving is particularly potent for us during the early postpartum transition, and I’m joined by Ashanti Rivera, who offers fresh perspective and insight into this topic as a mother of 6, and 5 months postpartum herself at the time we recorded.
Ashanti is also a birth professional with over seven years of experience ranging from birth & postpartum doula services, birth story processing, and more. Ashanti specializes in efforts to educate and support communities that have been marginalized by providing free/low-cost services, goods, and events for parents and children through her non-profit organization, Woman's Choice Charitable Association.
Visit Ashanti's website:
Her non-profit, Woman's Choice Charitable Association:
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