2 Hurt 2 Work

You’re a hard worker and a good employee. Maybe you don’t want to talk about it when an injury keeps you from work.

But one of the biggest mistakes you can make under the workers’ compensation system – a common mistake many people make – is failing to report your job accident right away.

At the first chance you get, tell your boss what happened. Do it immediately.

This is always the first step to a successful workers’ comp claim.

But sometimes people don’t tell anyone right after they get hurt. Sometimes they never tell anyone. Big mistake.

In fact, in the State of Louisiana, injured workers are required by law to report all accidents and injuries to their employers within 30 days. If you wait longer, you could lose access to benefits.

Once you notify your supervisor, the responsibility now falls on your employer to make a report notifying their workers’ comp insurance company of your accident.

And don’t downplay how badly you were hurt.

Sometimes your injury takes a while to start bothering you. Things may feel worse over time.

Don’t miss the 30-day window.

Report your accident right away!

2 Hurt 2 Work

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