Episode 2: Emily Yang and the Founding of DICE
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Episode 2: Emily Yang and the Founding of DICE

Hosts Maya Lee and Caliph Riley III are back to interview DICE co-founder, Emily Yang. She shares stories of having a disability community as a kid and talks about the founding of DICE. We discuss the importance of having a community that understands and validates what you are going through and DICE's goals to make UMD a better place for its disabled students. 

Towards the end of the episode, we mention something regarding the Disability Cultural Center that was supposed to be in Jones-Hill House. This episode was recorded in September, 2022 and since then countless students and faculty have expressed concerns that the location is inaccessible to disabled students and the architects have not considered Universal Design concepts.

To view the full statement, visit ter.ps/dccpetition. Also be sure to check out this article from the Diamondback - "UMD students say proposed disability cultural center isn’t accessible " 

This podcast  amplifies and affirms the existence of disabled people, highlighting the intersection of disability and other marginalized identities. #yesweexist

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Music by Jay Fenner

Partnered with Disability: Identity Culture & Education Club at UMD (ig: @dice.umd)

Social Model of Disability Definition: "Essentially, the social model says that individual limitations are not  the cause of disability. Rather, it is society’s failure to provide  appropriate services and adequately ensure that the needs of disabled  people are taken into account in societal organization. Simply  constructing sidewalks and entrances that are wheelchair accessible, for  example, can turn a disability into an ability." (Sarah Buder & Rose Perry, Ph.D.)

WGSS319D Workshops in Gender, Race, and Queer Studies; Disability Studies (3 Credits) : Taught by Dr. Jessica Mathiason. Focuses on a active approach to disability studies with community based projects, as well as a deep dive into historical and contemporary disability studies.

Maria R. Palacios is a poet and disability activist. She is also a performer with performing arts group, Sins Invalid.

The Committee on Disability Planning and Action (CDPA) will be holding listening sessions for the disabled community. Fill out this form if you wish to speak about your concerns for the DCC or anything else (you must be signed into your UMD google account).

Apologies for the choppy ending! Hope you enjoy. Aiming for episodes to come out once a month. Stay tuned. :)

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