AP 422: How Do You Become a Poet || with Nishi Patel
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AP 422: How Do You Become a Poet || with Nishi Patel

Nishi Patel is a Progressor, just like you, who I've had the pleasure of getting to know through this community and my membership group. Nishi has shared her poetry over the years, but most recently has published a beautiful book of poems.
Tune in to hear how she got her start with writing (admittedly not her best subject!), from recipes to journaling, and now poetry. Once she had the spark ignited, she added poetry to her own "Do Something" list and it became an emotional outlet. If this is something that makes you curious, she encourages you to just get started, and let go of the "shoulds." She also has some practical how-to's that can jumpstart your own writing journey! 

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