Angela Bishop on her 'new normal' after losing her husband
The Juggling Act · 33 minutes ·

Angela Bishop on her 'new normal' after losing her husband

We're back from our little break, and we are joined by the host of Studio 10 Angela Bishop, who reveals how she and her daughter aremanaging a year after the death of her husband.We're also joined by Fiona Katauskas, author of who tells us how to handle those toe curling words - ‘How are babies made’?Amazing Babies SHOW NOTESYour hosts this week are Mel Wilson and Cassie Hamer and our huge thanksto Angela Bishop and Fiona Katauskas,.This podcast was produced by Nina Young.We've got a bit of a favour to ask; we'd love you to Subscribe to The Juggling Act in your podcast app and leave us a review. It only takes a few secs and helps other people discover The Juggling Act.Have you got a story that you think our listeners will want love? We'd like to hear from you! Email us at [email protected], join the conversation on the Kidspot Facebook page or tweet us at @KidspotSocial  

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