Suicide_Preventive Measures (Episode 2 of 3)
Field Talk - Against Urban Issues · 14 minutes ·

Suicide_Preventive Measures (Episode 2 of 3)

In this episode of FIELD TALK : Host Dr Bryant speaks about Suicide - Preventive Measures. Dr. Bryant goes into the details of identifying clues and changes of a person...and also what options are relevant.

Formally called Dr. Bryant Speaks - FIELD TALK: Against Urban Issues is a podcast show that hits the reality button that is not always easy to hear. A topic that supports military families, veterans, and friends. This show brings all the research, data, and information provided by experts and guests appearances to discuss what is relevant and what is needed.

The host, Dr. Bryant served in the US Army, Special Operations elite military unit called, Airborne Rangers. His unit has deployed all over the world and Dr. Bryant personally has encountered his fair share of various challenges. However, as he looks back, he would have preferred to face what he did during his active duty status versus what he had/is encountering post-active duty.

This show is designed to uncover the issues, programs, opportunities, people, and limitations that are currently in existence

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