Canned Air #447 What Is It About The 80's?!
Canned Air: A Tribute to Pop Culture · 58 minutes ·

Canned Air #447 What Is It About The 80's?!

This week we welcome back four time Emmy award winning editor, artist, film critic, and cartoonist Bryan Erdy to ponder why it is 80’s pop culture is still so prominent today. Not that anyone's complaining, we love it! But why is it that with everything that's available to us, we still see modern shows and movies recreating the 80’s, or why Target has all 80’s and 90’s characters on their toy shelfs instead of more modern properties? We investigate just that in this episode. Check out Movie Planet and Bryan’s house of Waffles at the links below! 


Movie Planet:

Bryan’s House of Waffles:
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