A Little Wiser: How do you think about trauma?
All The Wiser · 30 minutes ·

A Little Wiser: How do you think about trauma?

Kimi is smitten with Meyli Chapin, “Terrorist Attack Girl”, and after listening to the interview from last week, Christy is too. Both appreciate Meyli’s authenticity and the raw emotion she brings to her story of terror and healing. It is a rare gift to share pain and hope in equal measure.


Kimi and Christy discuss trauma, both the big and small hardships that impact our health and wellbeing. They wonder whether small-scale, more personal events qualify as trauma, and conclude that trauma is trauma (this is not a competition!). The friends discuss tools to help navigate adversities and Kimi shares an insight from her guests that the retelling of their trauma is often cathartic and a bridge to growth.


Are you interested in thinking more about trauma and your mindset toward adversity? Kimi and Christy suggest reading “The Body Keeps The Score” – bonus, it has beautiful cover art – and a practical workbook called “Choose Growth”, that provides research and strategies for transcending trauma, fear and self-doubt. 

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