13. What It Means To Find The Fifty One Percent | Zoe Tenner
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13. What It Means To Find The Fifty One Percent | Zoe Tenner

Claire welcomes friend, author, and med student, Zoe Tenner to the podcast to discuss Zoe's journey of becoming an author and her heart behind her new book, Fifty One Percent. What does it mean to find the fifty one percent? Claire and Zoe talk about practical steps you can take each day to trust God more through the ups and downs of life. Many times we let our insecurities and anxieties get the best of us. As we learn to let God have control of these things, He is able to turn our fears into confidence and we are able to trust him with everything. No matter where you are at or what your past looks like, God will meet you right where you are! Claire and Zoe open up to share personal stories that have helped them grow stronger in their faith. This podcast is relatable to people in all walks of life and we hope It will encourage you to find the fifty one percent! 

Want to read Zoe's book? Purchase on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Fifty-One-Percent-Happiness-fifty-one-happiness/dp/B095NYWPRQ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=T6I44LDS5S8H&keywords=fifty+one+percent&qid=1675714132&sprefix=fifty+one+percent%2Caps%2C100&sr=8-1

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