Ep. 12 How I do it: Boost Vegetable Intake With These 5 Strategies
Vegan Kids Nutrition · 19 minutes ·

Ep. 12 How I do it: Boost Vegetable Intake With These 5 Strategies

Do you have a picky eater at home? Are you feeling overwhelmed at your vegan child not eating or trying their vegetables? As a vegan parent myself, I know the challenges that come with feeding a child that chooses not to eat their vegetables during a meal. It can bring up feelings of frustration, stress, and anxiety—feelings that I know you can overcome. 

Which is why in today’s episode, I’m pulling back the curtains and sharing my top strategies on what I do at home to help my daughter try and eat her vegetables. When you implement these strategies into your own feeding journey, you’re not only going to feel a sense of relief and excitement in helping your vegan kids boost their vegetable intake but you’ll feel proud of continuing to raise a vegan child with healthful eating habits as well. 

Please note that these strategies are not geared toward vegan kids with extreme picky eating, extreme limited food acceptance (less than 5-10 foods), sensory or texture aversions, or other medical condition that may exacerbate picky eating. 

Here’s what we cover: 

>> The sense of responsibility in parents that trigger our emotions
>> How offering opportunities enables your vegan child to eat vegetables 
>> How I offer opportunities to my daughter and the time of day 
>> The benefits of serving family style and when you can begin this feeding approach
>> Why involving your vegan kids in food preparation increases vegetable intake
>> An example of how I let my daughter be involved in food prep
>> Why eating vegetables with your kids helps and how I do this with my daughter
>> How having an agenda for our kids doesn’t serve us or our vegan kids and what to do instead

Links mentioned on the podcast:

>> FREE Vegan Picky Eating Guide
>> Episode 9 - The Most Important Thing to Implement and Help Vegan Kids Try Plant Foods

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