Ep. 14 Revealed: 3 Reasons Why Your Vegan Baby Resists Their High Chair
Vegan Kids Nutrition · 13 minutes ·

Ep. 14 Revealed: 3 Reasons Why Your Vegan Baby Resists Their High Chair

“How do you respectfully put a baby in a high chair when they're fighting/kicking because they don't like to be strapped in?”

Feeding our vegan kids is hard work and when you add other elements to this, like navigating how to sit your child on their high chair, this task only feels more overwhelming. 

In today’s episode, I’m revealing three common reasons why your vegan baby may be resisting sitting in their high chair. You’ll also hear a helpful tool that I use with my two girls that ensures they know what to expect as meal time approaches. 

Here’s what we cover: 

>> A brief update to how I plan on sharing content on my platforms
>> How a baby communicates about their appetite 
>> What to consider when establishing meal time routines/schedules
>> The requirements of a high chair to ensure it’s comfortable for your vegan baby
>> My favorite high chair and the one I use for my two daughters
>> Why portion sizes matter when feeding your vegan baby
>> What I tell my daughters to help them through a transition 

Links mentioned in the episode

>> FREE Starting Solids with Baby Led Weaning Guide
>> Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair (affiliate link)

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