Intrinsic Motivation Part 2: Operating From Your Deeper Why
Best-Self Management · 34 minutes ·

Intrinsic Motivation Part 2: Operating From Your Deeper Why

This is part two of our discussion on how to help inspire your people by connecting them to their internal and intrinsic motivators. In this episode, we’re going deeper into self-actualization and mastery. By helping the people around you develop and nourish a growth-mindset, meaningful and effective progress is inevitable.

At 15Five we routinely help our people set self-development objectives in addition to business goals. We’ve found that although this can be challenging, it ultimately leads to more introspection on the part of participants and creates opportunities for overall growth.

Finally, we discuss the importance of giving each other true autonomy. This means granting people the trust they need to do the work that’s required. Really, it’s about treating everyone like capable adults. As managers, we can choose to let our people take the lead and make the right decisions. To this end, we talk about how we can better focus on the outcome rather than the process to reach it.

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In this episode

  • What happens to motivation when we move towards mastery
  • Why to set self-development objectives in addition to business goals
  • How learning about anything with personal intrinsic value will help foster skills needed for the workplace as well
  • The importance of granting your people the autonomy and trust they need to succeed and grow
  • How a sense of connection with your team members can be an intrinsic motivation in and of itself


“When we are having the experience of progress and moving toward mastery, we are energized by that. It’s a self-rewarding process that keeps us motivated to do more.” [2:03]

“Mastery isn’t gaining something that’s only good for this job. Mastery is something where who I’m becoming is going to benefit me in all domains of my life for the rest of my life.” [3:56]

“I find more often than not when you grant people trust they rise to the occasion.” [21:37]

“None of us want to be an anonymous cog in the machine. We all want to know that people actually see us for who we are, the impact that our work has, and that we’re supported by the people around us.” [28:54]



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Three Things That Actually Motivate Employees


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