Chelsea Lane: How to make it in the NBA
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Chelsea Lane: How to make it in the NBA

Chelsea Lane's story is extraordinary. After working in NZ for over a decade as a physio and with high performance sport NZ, she got an email from the NBA champion Golden State Warriors in 2015, asking for her help.

Within a year, she was working with some of the biggest sport stars in the world as a performance therapist.

Within two years she was running the whole operation, leading a team of 25 as the head of physical performance and sports medicine at the Warriors.

Within three years she had two NBA Championship rings and was one of the NBA’s most coveted backroom staffers.

She was then headhunted by the Atlanta Hawks, offered an executive role and within five years of leaving New Zealand was the Vice President of an NBA franchise.

Now she's moved back home to NZ, and told us all about her incredible journey (and what its like being bffs with the world's biggest stars).

Show notes | Episode 64 | Chelsea Lane

2.06 Tennis lessons, living life “off the grid”, being absent from social media, and ANOTHER Emma Twigg reference

6.46 Chelsea Lane in their words: Steph Curry, Andre Igoudala, and Sarah Cowley-Ross

10.17 Receiving an email from the Golden State Warriors and meeting head coach Steve Kerr

16.57 Why did the Golden State Warriors chase Chelsea Lane?

19.45 Progressing through the ranks in the role

26.38 Being female in the NBA

33.29 What did the role actually look like?

37.33 Is US professional sports as cold as it sounds?

42.31 In the huddle: pearls of wisdom from Steve Kerr and others

52.02 In the locker room: routines, winning NBA championships

1.03.08 The realities of working in the NBA

1.08.27 Chelsea Lane on Kevin Durant

1.11.38 From hands on treatment to the boardroom: Shifting to the Atlanta Hawks

1.22.17 Comparing Golden State to Atlanta

1.24.45 Getting Vince Carter fit for an 82 game season at age 42

1.28.00 Leaving the NBA

1.32.43 Is there a dream job here for Chelsea in New Zealand?

1.37.03 An interlude: Booking accommodation in Switzerland

1.38.26 Other kiwis in the NBA: Steven Adams and Sean Marks

1.39.42 A bit of Steph Curry

1.42.10 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Chelsea

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