6 Social Security Mistakes That Can Damage Your Retirement
Big Picture Retirement · 49 minutes ·

6 Social Security Mistakes That Can Damage Your Retirement

There are some mistakes that can be easily corrected. However, others can result in long-term or even permanent damage. 

It is possible, however, to avoid these mistakes if you are aware of what to look for. 

In today's episode, John and I talk about these six common mistakes that have big consequences:

  • Small missteps that cause overpayment notices
  • Miscalculating spousal and survivor benefits
  • Avoidable earning’s record errors
  • The Social Security tax bomb
  • Relying on the SSA for your advice
  • Using software to make decisions 

Although this show does not provide specific tax, legal, or financial advice, you can engage Devin or John through their individual firms.

Contact Devin’s team at https://www.carrolladvisory.com/

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