How To Step Up As A Leader In Your Business with Paula Maidens
Busy Business Women · 45 minutes ·

How To Step Up As A Leader In Your Business with Paula Maidens

As small business owners we often find ourselves wearing all-the-hats, but to truly grow your business it's important to stop doing everything yourself and in one way or another form a team - whether that's physical staff in your office or outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant for example. And when that happens you step into new territory - leadership.

The way you manage people in your team can make or break your business, so in this podcast I talk to Paula Maidens about building and developing teams in small business, and we get stuck in to how to step up into a leadership role as well as how to delegate and handle icky conversations more effectively.

Paula runs two successful and very different businesses - including one of Brisbane's leading yoga studio's - and has been helping small businesses build out and sort out amazing teams for over a decade now (she has 19 staff so she lives and breathe's her own advice!). A former Accountant, Paula know's exactly how to run a profitable business, and in this podcast she shares with us some valuable insights into her life as an entrepreneur and how nailing leadership can help you truly thrive.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The importance of 'tweaking and trying' in order to improve the profit in your business
  • How to get clear on who the right people are for your business
  • How to get more comfortable with delegation
  • The best way to deal with underperforming staff
  • The biggest mistakes small business owners make when it come to building teams
  • What is a 'correcting conversation' and how can you use it to remove emotion from difficult conversations


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