The Biggest Lessons I've Learnt In My Business in 2019
Busy Business Women · 34 minutes ·

The Biggest Lessons I've Learnt In My Business in 2019

Almost another year in business done and I've learnt a lot this year!

So in this episode I share with you 8 lessons that I've learnt in 2019 that have played an important role in the evolution and growth of my business.

Here's what you'll learn....

  • Why you should quit online groups
  • How connecting with people without a strategic agenda can be super valuable
  • How asking for what you want creates enormous opportunity
  • Why you should always trust you gut when it comes to people
  • How swapping services can suck
  • The importance of planning if you really want something important to happen
  • Why smaller numbers are better
  • How doing business YOUR way is so critical to success

If you'd like to watch this episode you can check out the Facebook Live I ran below, or join the Busy Business Women Facebook Group and get involved in the conversation there (if you're already a member here's the direct link to the relay.)


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