The Business Of Rituals - with Tara Skipp from Nourish and Nest
Busy Business Women · 76 minutes ·

The Business Of Rituals - with Tara Skipp from Nourish and Nest

If you could do with a little more zen in your life, this podcast episode is for you! I had an absolute ball talking to Tara Skipp from Nourish and Nest all about rituals and how us busy business women can inject some simple every day rituals into our lives that will ultimately help improve our productivity and the way we operate in our businesses.

What you'll learn from this episode:-

  • How to make self-care simple and achievable
  • How having clear purpose and intention in your business is a game changer
  • How Tara got over the 'embarrassment' of her career change into business - and how she's thriving 7 years on!
  • Injecting extreme ownership into your business after a cancer diagnosis
  • The difference between discipline versus devotion - and why sometimes you need to ditch discipline to succeed
  • Curating conversation content that shapes your world
  • How breast cancer has shaped Tara's view on business and life - for the better


Happy Listening!

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