Episode 082 - Gale and Dewey in Scream 1 & Patreon: Horror Genre Bias
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 47 minutes ·

Episode 082 - Gale and Dewey in Scream 1 & Patreon: Horror Genre Bias

Back before they occupied two thirds of what we now consider the “Scream” survivor trio, Gale and Dewey played supporting roles to Sidney’s storyline in the original film. With half of the screen time, focus, and character weight they receive in the sequels, Courteney Cox and David Arquette establish the legendary characters, the beginning of the characters’ romance, and each of their internal insecurities. Join Ryan and podcast contributor Amar Karim to discuss the series introduction to Gale and Dewey in the original film. In the second-half, Patreon exclusive portion of this episode,  Ryan explores the bias the horror genre endures from film critics and audiences with Amar and Chris Beatie. In addition, Ryan introduces a new Scream “this or that” speed round to be featured in upcoming episodes.
  • Supporting Roles in Scream 1
  • Courteney and David Performances
  • Gale’s Slow Introduction and Big Scenes at Police Station
  • Sidney and Gale Big Discussion about Cotton Weary
  • Sidney and Dewey’s Close Connection
  • Gale and Dewey Romance and
  • Patreon Exclusive: Horror Genre Bias
  • Film Criticism
  • “This” or “That” Scream Speed Round
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