We are excited to welcome back to the stage Rev Angela “Niecy” Harmon. She is a founding member of CSL Midtown and was a staff minister here until she moved on to other ministries in 2019. She is an author and founder of Happy Academy (myhappyacademy.org).  HA supports mental, physical, spiritual and social emotional awareness & wellness in children of all ages. Angela is a licensed and ordained minister of Science Of Mind to serve as a spiritual guide and leader to those that seek peaceful living scientifically. Angela lives in Atlanta, and is an empty-nester mother of three, with four grandchildren in close proximity.

“God works in mysterious ways” is an oft quoted phrase. Yet sometimes it is not so mysterious as we might think. This is especially true when we realize that God is “at hand” and close as your next breath. If that is so, what difference does it make in our lives. Are there ways we can really be aware of these “mysterious ways?”

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