76: How a Digital Brand Can Benefit You.
The Create Your Own Life Show · 11 minutes ·

76: How a Digital Brand Can Benefit You.

There's a  lot of noise in the world we live in, many people are just adding to it, not creating something unique and different. If you want to create your own life, then you really have to create something thats viable. If you do not differentiate, then what you are living off or attempting to live off of will not survive very long. In This episode, I cover exactly what you need to know about digital branding at the starting point. This episode will get you started building something, and in the future episodes, we will help you to hone that down to something viable and long-standing.




In Today's Episode:

  • World is a noisy place – promote the space instead of yourself
  • What will your brand look like?
  • What value will you give?
  • An image and a brand, you’ll be known for something …
  • Digital Branding is long term.


Links Today's Show:
Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World76: How a Digital Brand Can Benefit You.

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