Climate Change and Eco-Friendly Growing
Different Leaf: the Podcast · 25 minutes ·

Climate Change and Eco-Friendly Growing

From the devastating wildfires on the west coast, to the unexpected early snow days in Colorado, the effects of climate change are only just starting to impact marijuana industry supply chains. While outdoor cannabis cultivators are trying to figure out the best way to navigate the ever-changing elements, many are resigning themselves to the idea that moving their operations inside may be best for their bottom line.

But as you can read about in the most recent issue of Different Leaf Magazine, indoor marijuana growing facilities are not known for being very eco-friendly. So how can cultivators, who may soon have to move indoors, make sure they’re growing cannabis in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way?

This episode Brit talks to two guests from opposite coasts; Aaron Pagenkopf, farm manager at Diem Cannabis in Oregon (, and Sam Milton, CEO of Climate Resources Group in Portland, Maine (

Learn more about Different Leaf the Magazine at, find us on social media @DifferentLeaf @Different_Leaf and @BritTheBritish. Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, Music by Homebody.

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