So, how do you… decorate a rental?
So, How Do You... · 38 minutes ·

So, how do you… decorate a rental?

It can be really difficult to find a rental home that’s decorated to your taste, or a place with a landlord who’s happy to let you put your stamp on the place but there are things you can do to make your rental feel like your own. 

In this episode, Laura chats to: Medina Grillo – the master of doing up a rental and approaching your landlord to get the greenlight on your plans; Jes Rose who founded Jes Rose Home - a company that makes non-permanent decorating vinyl that can transform your place without any damage and then Nina Tolstrup, the co-founder of Studio Mama to discuss furnishing your rental sustainably.

For more tips and tricks, follow @sohowdoyou.podcast and for more inspiration if you’re renting, follow our wonderful guests on social: Medina at @grillodesigns, @jesrosevinyl and Nina from _studiomama.

Thank you to the sponsors of the episode, to make use of all discount codes in the episode please head to Archive, Ruggable, Grass & Co and Glassette. Production support from Astrid.

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