HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Another year, another season - we can't believe it .  If you've been listening to us all this time, thank you so much, we see you!!  If you're just finding us, welcome, friends ^_^!  2022 going on 2023 -- what did we even do this year?? Listen to us reflect on: what we accomplished, what we're proud of, what were the nice things people did for us this year, and what are things which are getting easier for us.  We encourage you to review and share your reflections as well! We are here ringing in the new year with you -- here's to 2023!!

This wraps Season 3 as we take our beginning of year break :)  Tell us what more you want to hear from us/questions/comments/stories here:

Email: [email protected]

IG: @frndsnextdoor

Dan: @therealdanchen

Mia: @msmiaaa

Thomas: @mundane_photos



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