50 Shades of Fame and Fortune

Have you ever wondered, How do I manage fame? How do you deal with being a celebrity? Does having money guarantee a problem-free life? Host Valery Satterwhite, Celebrity Mentor, Author of the upcoming book "The Fame Game: How to Ride the Dragon, Stay Grounded, Admired & Inspired" and Founder of www.FameMentor.com offers you with an up-close perspective on how her esteemed guests deal with the benefits as well as the unique and very real challenges that come packaged with their good fortune.

Each interview offers a shade, a perspective, of what it's really like to have what so many others desire. You'll understand the brightest days and sometimes heavy price that's often paid with such success. You may be surprised to learn of the sacrifices that have to be made. In the spirit of and what Bravo's "Inside the Actor's Studio" is to the art and craft of accomplishment, this show is about the business and day-to-day life once arrived.
50 Shades of Fame and Fortune

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